1 Click TOR Masternode - ZCore Hosting

See how to enable a tor masternode on the ZCore Hosting platform.


We make available on our platform the Tor network option for hosted masternodes.
By converting its masternode to Tor, it uses a Tor hostname and its IP is invisible in any explorer.
You protect your masternode using a ZCore Tor Hostname. Your IP is not public and your server is free of attacks.


Here's how easy it is to set up:

01. You must create a new txid when converting to Tor
02. Click the Convert button for your masternode to automatically receive a Tor hostname
03. Download the Tor browser and leave it open to turn on the Tor proxy.
04. Open your wallet .conf file and add the line :
05. Now set up the masternode normally, your wallet is ready to start it via Tor