Pedro Santos
on August 7, 2020
🔥New Airdrop: Atlantis (R.5)
💰Reward pool: 5,000 ATIS ($3,090)
⭕️Download Wallet:
⭕️Airdrop link:
⚙The rules:
Bonus 1:2 ATIS for entering the group;
Bonus 2: Invite a person to get 1, up to 2 ATIS extra.
For example, if the participant enters the group and invites 4 or more users into the group, he/she can get 2+2=4 ATIS.
*Round 3 already distributed ... R4 will be on ...
1. Bonus pool: a total of 5,000 ATIS, first come, first served, until the end of delivery.
2. Old users can also participate in this activity, and they can also get a reward by talking with the robot.
3. Participants need to download Atlantis Dapp, then generate the wallet address and tell the robot.
Timeline: August 5 - August 31, 2020, a total of 27 days.
Time of Distribution: Before September 15, 2020
Dimension: 1200 x 675
File Size: 94.35 Kb
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